'Uprise' is a RTS / TBS SciFi game with Adult / XXX content. Game is a work-in-progress project that will be bigger, better & more functional through new versions, updates & patches.

'Uprise' follows Adal, son of Duke Winghal Atreides. After the Duke's death Adal remained the sole heir to the House of Atreides. Albion, his home planet, has to be defended from Emperor Ramarg who will not rest until Albion is under his direct command.

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● Uprise game-imports
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● Desktop & Android mini games [Public version]
● Cheats, artwork & videos!

Since the upload is a wip release any opinion, good or bad, on gameplay, functionality, music or visuals is very welcome :)

Cheers :)


It seems that browsers are blocking the Unity player in the 'Royal Quarters' but once you click on the notifications and allow access game should reload & Unity stream will be functional. I will fix this problem in a next few days.

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